Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The BBC visit Reflections Exhibition

Artist Denia Kazakou was approached by the producers of the BBC Arabic channel to talk about her work, and her part in the Exhibition Reflections at Mile End Pavilion which closed this week.

Pictured above is her Work Skin about which she says "The premise of this work is that underneath our skin-colour we all have the same colour flesh. This most recent painting is more sculptural than previous work, as she plots a more descriptive way of working".

Also Interviewed were Curator Valeriya N-Gerg, co-curator Tafari Grant and fellow artists Oliver Durcan and Mariwan Karim, all of whom had work in the show, and examples of their work follow.

Valeriya N-Georg
This work is the beginning of a series that is a reflection of Valeriya N-Georg’s unconscious, interweaved with memories from the communist regime, which was in power in her native Bulgaria during her formative years. She explains “When drawing I feel sometimes my hand takes control and creates an automatic drawing whose meaning I can only read after it is finished; a page from my memories”.

Tafari Grant
Exploring the use of organic materials in an unconventional way, Tafari Grant has responded to the Pavilion building while pushing the boundaries and limitations of the materials he uses. His work relates to nature and temporary existence, reflecting the continuous changes that create new meaning and possibilities.

Mariwan Karim
Taking inspiration from the geometrical Islamic design of Muslim Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq), Mariwan Karim’s ceramic reliefs, hand-built with ceramic tiles, show traces of the Hellenistic, Persian, Mongol and Turkish influences, which have all left their mark on Iraq’s rich cultural heritage.

Oliver Durcan and Danny Watson
This collaborative partnership works with the concept of audio/visual art in the modern age of new media. Their film aims to make sound and vision equally important, and plays with the themes of new territory, imagination, levels of consciousness and human perception.

The 4Art team who were responsible for organising the exhibition, from left to right
Valeriya N-Georg, Carolina Pieira, Tafari Grant, Philippa Edwards.

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